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The pictures in this gallery are the property of Raven. Please don't use them without permission.

Welcome to my modest gallery of duck art! In the future I hope to add more pictures… namely as soon as get my grubby paws on a scanner. (my no good boyfriend took mine, the useless bastar...well nevermind....grumble grumble...)
In the mean time, enjoy what I have up here, and as it states up above… please don’t use anything without asking.

My Blade art. Click here if you don't know what the heck the Blade is!

Cole just standing there looking cool. Luv the shades ;) (first experience with a scanner, yea for me!)

Shaddow is getting ready to go on a spree or a rampage or... well in some cases it is better we don't ask.

Dagger very badly scanned and very raw. I am going to do cool stuff with this one and the background...soon...I swear ;0)

Dagger, The same as above, only with colors added. This is my first ever experience with computer color... be nice.

A classic Shaddow and Oz argument. Again I had dialogue for this one too, but...uh...I am trying not to get the page banned from tripod...hehehehehehe....

One of my favorite Shaddow pics, I may just leave this one as is. Duke comforting Shaddow (not a bad pic of Duke but I think I can do better next time...)

Sabastian a portrait pose done in pencils. It was messy but worth it.

A colored pic of Jericho in attack pose. (He gets cranky when he misses breakfast.)

Dagger doing a spell. It scanned a little small but that’s as good as it gets right now....

Oz in a thoughtful pose making an evil face. I really don’t care for this one too much, but hey… here it is anyway.

My version of Truth. Here you go, Gina, sorry it's a little late :)

This Was the intro pic for the Blade site. I just think it looks damn cool!

Some old Blade banners I designed.

Duke. He is doing an ad for the GAP I guess. Everyone seems to like this pic. Wonder why? ;)

That is all in my gallery for now. Soon I should have pics of my Other ducks up. In the mean time, if you want more art, head to the galleries of some former Blade members.
Member gallery.