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Mighty ducks the animated series and all related characters are owned by Disney, and yes, I am using them without permission. The non Disney places, faces and plot lines are mine. Please don't use them without my permission.

The Blade

Part 2

Power. Dark. Electrifying. Seductive. It poured from the hands of the magi like lightning from the skies. It engulfed her, yet it seemed to yield in her presence. She was merely a silhouette against the blinding white and crackling blue energy that flowed from her, yet she was so much more.
Dagger's Amethyst colored hair billowed all around her as her powers worked their magick. They buzzed and snapped charging the midnight air with wild, dangerous forces. She closed her eyes tighter and attempted to focus harder on the task at hand. She was hunting. Looking for the lair of the criminal group called the Blade. Dagger focused on them. Their energies, their strength. Hypnotically the magick wove through the sky. Strong. Focused. Deadly.
It felt the clouds and searched the air for it's commanding mistress. Then as if pulled by an unseen rope the power surged back from the sky. It withdrew from the air and sucked itself back into Dagger's slender hands till she could hold no more. Then it began to wither away like mist till only fragments remained. Then there was nothing.

The young magi sunk to the ground, exhausted. The spell was over, the power gone to silently lay in her soul once more. She had not done a spell like that in quite a few years. Dagger was proud of her control over the power, and she was glad she was still alive.

A shadow loomed over her. Slowly she lifted her head to see who was intruding on her in this moment of pride. Concerned green eyes stared down into her wild, tired violet ones. Softly she smiled. Jericho.

The tall male knelt down beside her, a look of curiosity and worry on his handsome face. He had never seen Dagger use that much power before. Moreover, her power had never felt like that before. Even from a block away he had felt the spell's energy. It had tugged at his soul and screamed through his mind like a banshee. Jericho had been forced to take cover in a nearby shack just keep his sanity. He had felt her power and it had scared him to death. Though he was not afraid for himself, he was afraid for Dagger.

"I...found them," she said slowly getting to her feet.

Jericho was instantly next to her, helping her up from the ground. Cradling her in his hard, sculpted arms. "Where," he whispered.

"They are nearly a mile below the city, in a secret base." She allowed herself only a few moments to linger in Jericho's Gentle grasp before taking a step out from him and standing on her own. She had to learn to be stronger in magick and she was not going to learn that wrapped in the arms of her best friend.

Jericho replaced the look of concern that was written on his face with a look of stern, anger. It was not that he was angry right now, simply that the look was so used to going on his face that it naturally fell there. Besides he couldn't be showing emotions, that would make him look weak. Right now weak was the last thing he needed to be.
"So now what? Do you want us to charge down there and get our bloody heads blown off?" His voice held no anger. The question came in a very matter of fact tone.

Dagger smiled, "if that is what you really want to do. I was thinking of something that involves a little less harm to us."

Jericho only grunted. He hated it when Dagger was patronizing to him.

Softly she stepped towards him and placed her hand on his chest. She cocked her head to one side and smiled gently. "I'm sorry Jericho, I didn't mean it like that."

Jericho's heart began to flutter. It happened whenever She touched him like that. He desperately wanted to touch her. Kiss her. Feel her body and know that he did for her what she did to him. All he had to do was touch her!
Quickly he pulled away and turned to face the twinkling lights of the near by New Ducaine Central. He couldn't do it.
I'm a fool' he thought to himself. His emotions were running like wildfire, surging through his blood. He took a deep breath in. He had to control them. Quickly he muttered, "whatever, don't worry about it."

Dagger sighed. She wished he would tell her what was wrong with him, but she knew there was no point in asking.

"What's you're plan, Dag?" Jericho asked turning back to face her.

"Well, I suggest that we call them. Now that we know where they are that should be easy enough."

Jericho was perplexed. "How...?"

Dagger laughed, "my power didn't just find there location Jerri. I also have the signal of their communicators." She placed her hands on her slender hips. She was very proud of herself.

Jericho stared at her, open mouthed. "I don't even want to know Dag. Let's go find a computer."


Crash sighed. He was getting nowhere locating Cole. He had been in his lab for over 4 hours attempting to locate the thief. First he had tried his communicator. Nothing. Then he had attempted to trace his Credit cards. Useless. Lastly he had tried to hunt down his DNA in a city wide search. Squat. Another thing that upset him was the fact that his DNA modulator was broken. Finding Cole had been it's first test, and needless to say, it flunked.

Truthfully Crash couldn't blame Cole for leaving, after all Tammara and Cole had been lovers and now she was gone. Even a scientific mind like Crash's knew that had to hurt.
He spun around in his large chair thinking of ways to find Cole and how to get the DNA modulator working. As she turned he looked longingly at the room surrounding him. It was his laboratory, given to him when he joined the Blade. The room was made entirely out of computer terminals, valves and switches. There was more technology in this large, metallic room then there was in most of the PuckWorld army.
Crash sighed, all this and he couldn't get on lousy invention to work or find one, lone, duck. Slowly he stopped spinning.

"Problems kid?"

Crash attempted to stand up from his chair to confront the owner of the voice. As he did the room began to spin and he landed squarely on his rear. Pain ran through his young, slender body. Momentarily forgetting the voice Crash wiggled around to ensure nothing was broken. Satisfied that his ass and his pride were both safe he began to stand up.

It was then that Crash remembered the voice. He jumped to his feet and reached for his wrist communicator. As he did so he looked up and found Sabastian leaning on the wall watching him with mild interest.

Crash didn't know it but underneath the mask the Sabastian wore he was smiling. Truthfully Sabastian was nearly to the point of dropping on to the floor and laughing till he pissed himself. He didn't due to the fact that he assumed that action would cause Crash and his dignity to go running from the Blade never to return.

"Uh...yeah, I mean no. No problems at all." Crash was glad Sabastian didn't laugh, he couldn't have taken that type of stress at the moment.

"Good to hear, kid, good to hear." Sabastian walked further into the room and sat on a small stool in the middle near a buzzing computer. "Anyway," he continued "I'm just here to tell you that Oz wants to see you. Group meeting or something."

Crash walked over to the silver wall and pushed a small red button. Half of the lights in the room turned off and the buzzing from the computer silenced. "Alright then, shall we?"

Sabastian got up and walked out the door with Crash trailing along behind him.


" we are at an understanding then?" Oz asked. There were several head nods and a few murmurs. He was addressing the members of the Blade, 45 of them at least. Among the missing were Sabastian, Crash and Cole, though he knew the whereabouts of the first two.
As soon as the main team had returned from the raid on the Saurian's base he had arranged a group meeting. Everyone had been ordered to attend. Oz had a few things to inform them of, one was Tammara's death, the other was Saurians.
There were Saurian thieves ravaging PuckWorld almost more than before. Oz had gathered the group together to not only put out a warning, but also to put out hits on anyone of the scaly lizards that interfered with Blade business.

The Blade didn't get to be a multi-billion dollar organization by allowing the lizards run the show. Plus now that Tammara was gone, it was personal.

Oz glanced up just as Sabastian and Crash entered the large conference room and took seats near the back.

"To recap, the lizards go down the second they get to close, and the memorial is a 4:00 tomorrow afternoon." Oz sat back in his seat and tried to make himself look business like and at ease. He had to be the picture of confidence, he was the leader and his team counted on him to be strong.

Shaddow stood up and continued from where Oz left off. She was the picture of confidence and authority. "One more thing before you all go." She walked to stand in front of the small painting of Drake Ducaine that now hung in the spacious executive style room. "There is now a vacancy in the Blade, 2 in fact."

Gasps resounded through out the room. The members of the team had expected to hear of 1 position open, though they thought that it would not be mentioned until after the funeral. But 2?
This could only mean one thing.

Shaddow waited for silence then continued, "Tammara's place and Manda's place have become vacant in the last month. We will fill them with in the week. I want you all to start thinking about worthy candidates, the Blade is officially looking for applicants."

It was then that Oz's communicator began to bleep. He quickly pushed the black button on the front and spoke quietly into the comlink. "Cole, where are you?"

"I don't know who Cole is, but by the accent I will bet you're Oz..."

Continued in Part 4