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Mighty ducks the animated series and all related characters are owned by Disney, and yes, I am using them without permission. The non Disney places, faces and plot lines are mine. Please don't use them without my permission.

The Blade

Part 3

Duke felt like a new drake as he stood upon the chilled soil of PuckWorld. He hadn't felt this good since he had left the planet. Sure quite a bit had changed since he had gone off chasing Dragonis all over hell and back, but he was home now, and he could start putting his life back together.
He raised his gray head and sniffed the air of his home world. His smile grew, lighting up his face. At last. Home. He had spent so many nights dreaming about this very moment and now it was here. The dark thief was positively giddy!

Behind him a loud ‘clang' filled the air. Duke spun on his heal and came face to face with the nose of the AreoWing.
Duke had told the others that he was going to go find a spot that seemed safe to park the massive craft. At least until they could contact the special forces and tell them that they were back. Now it seemed the crew on ship had grown board waiting for the thief and decided to do a little scouting of their own.

‘Aw well,' thought Duke turning back around and focusing on the freeway, ‘this spot seems as safe as any.'

As he focused on the distant road his vision snapped to the small, dark building just passed it. He swore that he had seen a flash of lightning coming from somewhere near the structure. The drake was about to walk over and take a closer look when a voice cut into his concentration.

"Are you planning on helping, or are you just going to take in the scenery?" Wild Wing looked down at Duke from his perch atop the AreoWing. Though his voice was sarcastic, Duke knew that Wild Wing was just as happy to be home as he was.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it." Duke pulled his newly acquired bow staff from its pouch upon his back and vaulted to the roof of the large ship. Ease and skill rippled from his every muscle as he landed. Whatever the lightning was, if it had been there at all, let someone else handle it. He was home now. That was all that mattered

Wild Wing only looked at Duke and smirked, "when you're done, we need to unload the trash..."


Chains rattled noisily against the thick metal wall. Darkness was everywhere in the small, square cell. This was the bottom of the Mighty Ducks ship, the AeroWing, a place were prisoners were ment to be kept. Held until they were to be taken where they needed to go.

Normally, prisioners who had graced this area of the ship, were glad to leave it when their time came. Most of them, that is. But most of them were not going where Saurian high lord Dragonis was destined to end up.

Dragonis was none too pleased with the situation at hand. He had a lot of time to think on the long journey back from earth. In that time the lizard had come to a conclusion, as his daughter often used to say, this sucked slag!
He had lost his advisor Wraith to a mortal wound and was forced to leave the magi's corpse on earth. Then his best fighter, Siege and the shape shifting Chameleon were sent back to dimensional limbo with little hope of return. Not to mention that he had failed to destroy earth, PuckWorld, or anything else but his own pride. These were the worst and most humiliating things that he could remember having happened to him, except that is, for his defeat at the hands of the Mighty Ducks.
For years the Saurian high lord had believed that a duck was a meal, served with a nice honey glaze. He had lived by that thought, and enjoyed the mental image of eating the ducks of PuckWorld. Some with cream sauces, some with B.B.Q. After all they were only meals right?
The lizard had enjoyed that rationalization. It made him almost happy and it had made the agonizing years in dimensional limbo almost tolerable. That and knowing that one day he would have is revenge on the wretched race of ducks that had imprisoned him and his brothers so long ago. But that was all over now.
Here he was. Him. Dragonis! A powerful Saurian high lord, Thechnogical wizard, chained, shackled and imprisoned by an entree. By those useless, annoying, ducks. He would not let them get away with this, oh no. They would suffer, all of them, if he survived.

His head slumped back against the cool, dark metal. He never thought he would think the thought that suddenly flowed through his head, but, he missed earth.


Shaddow hated her life. No. Shaddow hated Oz. No. Shaddow wanted to see Oz hung. Yes, that was much better she thought to herself as she drove down the freeway. What the hell was wrong with that mallard anyway?
She was positively livid! How dare Oz order her out on some sort of wild goose chase like she had nothing better to do with her time. It was her day to train and Oz had just up and told her to pack it up, hop in the car and check out the Com call he had received in a meeting. Who the hell did he think she was, his secretary?

"I need you to do this for me Shaddow," Oz had told her after the meeting.

She had only scowled at him and folded her arms across her chest. "I have other things I need to do, Oz. Why not just send your secretary?"

He continued to sit in the chair, the picture of confidence. "You know I cant do that, I need someone I can trust."

She had only glowered at him.

He assumed the short call that was coming form out side New Ducaine Central was only a prank, but just to be sure he was wanted to send someone out. Shaddow knew little about what the call had entailed, save that someone knew who they were, where they were and what they were doing.

Oz had assumed special forces or maybe even the Brotherhood of the Blade. Shaddow had thought it was a couple of ducks who were very clever but at the same time amazingly stupid. She doubted that the enemies or the competition would call them at home. When she attempted to point that out to Oz he only sighed and told her to go anyway.

He had enjoyed sending her off like that as payment for the whole painting thing. Well to hell with him!
She sped up nearing the 200 mile an hour mark. Shaddow took a long cleansing breath and tried to calm down. Maybe the call would pan out and would do more then just kill an afternoon.

"Uh, if it's not too much trouble, could we slow down a little?"

Shaddow nearly jumped out of her feathers. She looked to her right and stared blankly at the dark haired duck sitting in the passenger seat. She had been so mad at Oz she had forgotten that she had agreed to take Truth with her. "Oh, yeah, sorry." Shaddow slowed the sleek, black vehicle to 150 miles per hour and smiled at the woman beside her.

Oz thought that she may need a healer for this particular mission, just in case, and had suggested she take the priestess with her.

Glad that she was offered Truth instead of Crash she readily accepted. Though Personally Shaddow was glad to have Truth aboard. Not only was it good to have a healer around but Shaddow enjoyed Truth's company and found her quiet nature very soothing. In fact she went so far as to say, she liked Truth, which was not an honor many ducks were bestowed with.

She then remembered her other passenger, "how you doin' back there?"

"Fine, a little cramped but...not too bad" Diamond answered from the cars small backseat. He was attempting to entangle his legs from the large black knapsack full of weapons Shaddow had tossed in there before they left the complex.

"Good, good" replied Shaddow focusing on the road again.

Truth was a little uncomfortable around Shaddow. She had only met her personally twice and those were in very brief instances. The priestess did not go out on many missions and when she did, it was only the bigger ones or ones suited to her perticular talents.
She mainly knew Shaddow by reputation. Reckless. Dangerous. Shaddow was not known among the Blade for her personality, more for her harshness in battle and her thieving abilities. Still, Truth decided she was going to make an effort to get to know her.
She hated to be misjudged herself and she was not going to do that to Shaddow. She would make conversation.
"So...this is a very lovely car, is it yours?"

Shaddow fiddled with the radio attempting to find a good station that did not broadcast military news . "Yep it is, I bought it after my last heist, $200 000.00, and well worth it."

Diamond dropped the knapsack his pale feathers seeming to go even whiter. He attempted to choke out a sentence, " make... that much!?"

Shaddow laughed a soft, bubbling sound. "No, I put the other $150 000.00 in stocks."

Diamond fought the urge to pass out in the small back seat.

Truth cocked her head to the side and looked at Shaddow who winked at her and continued adjusting the radio.

Truth was not sure wether to believe the woman or not. It seemed like a lot of money, then again the Blade's lair alone must be worth over $1 000 000.00, she rationalized. As she continued to gaze out the window a feeling gripped the raven haired healer. It was a feeling of danger and phenomenal powers. It seemed to bore into her sensitive soul and pound away at the very core of her being. "Stop!" she yelled.

Shaddow skidded the car to a halt.

"What is it?" Diamond questioned from the back seat.

"I...I...someone is hurting, that is all I can say." With those vague words she jumped from the car and began to run across the road and into a dark, condemned, building.

Diamond untangled himself from the small vehical and jumped out of the car after her, pulling his sword, "Wait, Truth..." he called. But it was too late, the priestess had disappeared into the dark, vastness of the ominous structure.

Concluded in part 5