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Mighty ducks the animated series and all related characters are owned by Disney, and yes, I am using them without permission. The non Disney places, faces and plot lines are mine. Please don't use them without my permission.

The Blade

Part 4

Truth blinked her eyes against the darkness. She had no idea what had possessed her to leave Diamond and Shaddow behind and run into the building. It seemed as though something was pulling her. Some sort of power, though what kind the priestess couldn't tell. She had also felt pain, a deep, agonizing hurt that came from the depths of someone's soul.

Slowly her eyes began to adjust to the bleakness and she could make out the details of the large structure. A Few tables lay upturned and broken and several old, dusty bottles lay scattered upon the dingy floor. To her left she could make out a long bar with a shattered mirror behind it, though Truth guessed that there had not been drinking in this place for sometime.

Slowly she walked forward attempting to locate whoever was in pain. Just when she thought the task was impossible she began to feel it again, softer this time. It was almost a gentle tugging as if someone's soul were sobbing.

The feeling was coming from upstairs. Truth was about to run up the old stair case when a hand closed over her shoulder. The woman turned to face Diamond.

The drake had an expression or worry on his handsome face. "Truth..?" He asked uneasily, "what's going on?"

Truth breathed a sigh of relief, having diamond there always made her feel better. "I felt a power, it seemed to pull me in here." She then gestured up to the stairs, "and I felt pain."

That was all Diamond needed to hear. He pulled his weapon just incase they encountered trouble and the two then proceeded up the stairs.

When they reached the landing they saw what Truth had felt. A beautiful, female duck was suspended in mid air, her long purple hair flowing out behind her. It looked as though she was just floating there, hovering on a gentle wind. He eyes were closed and her silver colored feathers glowed coldly, lighting up the small area. The woman's arms were held out to her sides and her back was slightly arched. Though there was an expression or peace on her face, Truth could feel the pain in her heart.

"...What in the name of Ducaine..?" Diamond breathed out the words while staring in awe at the woman.

Truth gasped, "a Magi!" She had only heard legends about the Magi. In her order, legend said that the Magi were no more, and that in a time before Drake Ducaine, the Magi had been absorbed into the soil and ice of PuckWorld. That was well over 400 years ago. But now hovering in front of her was one of them! A being with true command over magick and power.

Diamond looked at Truth. "What's a Magi?"

"They are a race, thought dead. They can do true real magicks."

"Like you're healing?"

Truth smiled, "kind of, yes. We have to get her down."

Diamond and Truth cautiously stepped forward. Truth didn't know why she felt this urgency, but she knew they had to get to the woman before it was to late. Slowly she reached out her hand.

"Don't touch her!" A tall drake in a long, black coat leaped between Truth and the Magi. His guns were drawn and aimed at Diamond and Truth. "One move and you both go down, Blade or otherwise."


Shaddow watched to two enter the building in wonderment. She had never seen Diamond move so quickly as when he was chasing after Truth. As the tall thief folded her arms across her chest she wondered what it was like to have love like that. Aw well, she thought, no point in dwelling on things like that.

She was about to run after Diamond and Truth when she noticed a strong glint coming from across the freeway. She turned towards the glinting and tapped her necklace. Instantly a black visor appeared in front of her silver-green eyes. She tapped her necklace again and activated the ‘zoom' feature on her visor. The close up view of what was making the glinting began with amazing accuracy.

It was a large green, white, and burgundy space ship of sorts. The ship was parked behind the rubble of what used to be an outpost store. Milling around the ship were ducks. Four ducks to be exact. It seemed that they were unloading supplies from the vehicle.

Shaddow smirked as one of the ducks, a blond male, tripped over his own two feet and landed square on his beak.

They didn't look like criminals, or for that matter, anything that belonged on PuckWorld. Figuring that Diamond and truth could handle themselfs for a little while, Shaddow decided to go investigate.


Shaddow eyed the group with interest. The blond female looked familiar, but Shaddow couldn't place where she knew her from. Shaddow had found a place amongst the outposts rubble and planted herself there. Though she couldn't hear anything she could see much better from here.

The ducks had hockey gear, and just about everything else, though she wondered why they would need hockey gear in one of the hottest places on puck world. Intently she watched.

The mallards were beginning to lose Shaddow's interest when something caught her attention. There was a large, gray hockey bag laying on the ground next to the aircraft. It seemed very familiar to Shaddow, and it nagged at her. She continued to stair at the large sack pondering over its owner when something came to her mind. The contents of the bag would surly tell her who the owner was.

With unsurpassed agility, Shaddow crept forward, inching towards the bag. She was a mear 10 feet away from it when she heard something that made her eyes go wide and her body chill.

"Wild Wing, I really hate to tell you this but I left my bag outside." The voice came from inside the ship.

Shaddow was in awe, it couldn't be. But that voice.

A gray head poked out from the roof hatch of the ship and Duke L'Orange surfaced and hopped to the ground.

Shaddow stood up and spoke a word she had not uttered in over a year, "Duke..?"


Diamond and Truth remained frozen in their places as the drake stood protectively in front of the Magi. Diamond's grip tightened on his sword. The second the Drake made a move towards Truth he would be ready to spring. Diamond would allow no harm to come to his wife, even at the risk of his own life.

"Please." The word seemed to shatter the stillness in the air. Diamond and the drake both looked to Truth, for the word had come from her throat. "Please, drake, I am a healer, let me help her."

Jericho was unsure. He wanted to trust this woman, there was something about her, but he didn't want any harm to come to Dagger. "I don't know that, now do I?"

Truth could tell the situation was getting more desperate. This man obviously wanted to protect the Magi, but how could she convince him that she was here to help. "No, you don't know that, but perhaps I can prove it. Diamond, will you help me?"

Diamond nodded, he trusted his wife. "Yeah, what do you need, love?"

"Please make a small cut in your finger so that I may heal it."

Diamond had to aid his wife in this way many times and was prepared.

Jericho watched in disbelief as the one called Diamond lowered his sword to his index finger and sliced carefully along it. Deep red blood oozed from the wound as the healer walked over to her husband.

Truth placed his finger in her hands and gently began to sing. The beautiful melody wafted through the building as her voice rose in song. A faint, blue light glowed from her hands and then, she stopped and released Diamonds hand.

Diamond held his hand up for inspection. The cut had healed.

Jericho lowed his weapons and moved to the side, "can you help her, healer?"

"I will try."


Duke stood motionless in front of Shaddow. He had many words flashing through his head, but his beak refused to work. She was beautiful. Her wheat colored hair blew around her in the warm, gentle wind framing her exemplary body and soft ivory feathers. Her face held confusion and wonderment. She was a vision against the near desert background that played out behind her. He was held by her silvery-green eyes, unable to move.

"Duke, it is you, isn't it?" He voice was soft, curious.

Duke gathered himself as best he could and tried to speak. "Shaddow, how have you been, sweetheart?"

He face conformed with rage as she glared at Duke. That was it? That was all he had to say to her? He hand was lightning fast as it struck his beak. Without giving him a chance to react she turned on her heal and ran back to her car.

Duke brought out emotions in her that she had not felt in a long time, emotions she tried to keep hidden. She was not going to let him see the effect that he had on her. "Come to the Blade," she yelled "Truth and her husband are there. I am sure Truth wants to see you, that is if you are not to busy with the ‘Brotherhood'!"

Duke looked after her in astonishment. What had he said? Why was she bringing up the Brotherhood of the Blade? At least he had the consolation of knowing where his sister Truth was, though at this point he wondered if even she could explain things to him.


Dagger lay upon a soft feather bed in the headquarters of the Blade. Jericho had told her of the healer that had saved her and that the Blade had come to the old, condemned bar.

He had asked her what had happened with her spell, as well. She had been trying to conjure a crystal ball so that they might watch some Television. But the spell had other ideas. It had wanted power. It had attempted to reach into the very soul of the woman who had tried to control it and to take her over. Dagger had stopped it, barely. She had closed off her mind to her power and nearly killed herself in the process, but that had been enough to contain the power, this time.

Her power was growing stronger just as the oracle said that it would. She was becoming more powerful, but in exchange her power was becoming more independent, more alive. A risk she was willing to take, but how much longer before she could not control her magicks?

Dagger closed her eyes, she was not going to think about it now. Instead she was going to focus on what Jericho had said to her. He also told her that they were up for membership in the Blade. Excellent. Being a member of the Blade was perfect. Through the Blade she would be able to find what she needed, and take the only thing that could save her life. The crystal of Demimorph, from the Lair of the Magi.


duke walked towards the entrance of the Blade. He was not sure what he would find after his time away. He knew that his cousin Manda was dead, and that there were new people to meet. He also knew that he still could exercise he right to be leader if need be, though he didn't want that.

As Duke entered the secret code into the large stone door, he sighed. Duke was sick of the way things were always the same. Sure it was a different heist and a different group, but the feeling was the way it had always been. There was no rush anymore, no little twinge of fear that came before entering Blade Head Quarters. He would do what he had always done. Enter, be welcome, start commanding, get rich, and move on That's what would happen, that's what always happened.

Duke walked through the door to find 10 swords pointed the his throat.

A tall, southern drake lowered his sword and spoke. "I'm Oz, leader of the Blade. Lets get a few things straight, L'Orange, you're welcome here only because you're a friend of Shaddow's and Truth's, there is no way in hell your ever commanding here, and if you're in, your in for life. Understand?"

Duke smiled, maybe things weren't quite the same after all.

The End